GMMB Rolls Out First-of-its-kind Ad Buying Tools for 2024 Election Cycle

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:15pm UTC

Washington, D.C., June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the 2024 election cycle ramps up, political and issue communications agency GMMB is launching two new integrated advertising tools that give clients the information they need to efficiently reach specific audiences, no matter how or where they consume media. The proprietary platforms – GMMB | Axis Insights TM and GMMB | Axis IQ TM – give campaigns, nonprofits, and corporations unprecedented access to cross-channel data sets for better campaign planning and decision making in real time, which results in lower costs for clients. GMMB successfully piloted these tools for Democratic campaigns in state elections during the 2022 cycle and has since scaled them to begin deploying them in races across the country in 2024.

“Advertisers in the 2024 election cycle are grappling with one of the most fragmented media landscapes in history. Abundant amounts of data from disconnected sources across a variety of devices is only useful if you can capture and analyze it together,” said GMMB Senior Vice President and Managing Director Erica Monteith. “GMMB Axis Insights and Axis IQ take the guesswork out of media planning by letting us analyze data from TVs, phones, streaming devices, desktops, and everything in between. By seeing the complete picture, clients can extend their reach and refine targeting, which ensures their ad spend has maximum impact and leads to increased voter turnout, heightened awareness, and greater fundraising success."

Most media firms keep digital and linear advertising budgets separate, which results in decisions being made without a view of the whole picture and can result in them failing to reach critical audiences. Currently, voters and consumers are using devices to access content in many ways, making it difficult to measure engagement holistically and leading to either over-spending or under-spending across publishers, platforms, and streaming services to reach them. This means audiences only receive some messages based on how they consume media. 

“GMMB’s experience and depth of knowledge has uniquely positioned them to integrate TV and digital,” said The Trade Desk General Manager of Business Development Kevin Fisher. “We’re excited to see how these tools will work at scale in a major election cycle.”

As the only integrated media firm in politics with the knowledge, buying power, skills, and infrastructure to plan and place media across every media platform, GMMB is providing additional resources to their clients with two new products: 

  • GMMB | Axis Insights TM allows campaigns and organizations to use data from networks, digital publishers, applications, linear TV, and streaming TV sources and apply it to make informed decisions and optimize media spend. This data-supported, cross-channel planning tool allows users to understand their audiences, reach them efficiently, and plan across platforms to optimize current media spend or incremental dollars.
  • GMMB | Axis IQ TM brings unprecedented transparency to integrated video campaigns. The platform allows campaigns and organizations to bring together fragmented sources of data to capture a live snapshot of how an advertising campaign is performing and know where to optimize and adjust the approach. The platform will allow campaigns to glean critical insights into their viewers, such as who’s seeing their ads, what is known about the viewers, how many people are seeing the ads and how often they’re seeing them, and how can we reach low TV viewers on other platforms. 

“Our new tools will give clients the confidence to know they are making decisions on the best data available when adding a new tactic to a campaign or allocating their media budgets across digital and traditional platforms,” said GMMB Managing Director and SVP Jesse Demastrie. “Democratic campaigns using these tools will be able to reach the right voters with the right message ahead of election day, giving them an edge in the 2024 election cycle. And that’s a game changer.”  

A recent example of how these tools lead to real world wins include Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s 2022 campaign in Michigan. Using GMMB | Axis Insights TM and GMMB | Axis IQ TM, strategists were able to see that 42% of households had seen traditional TV advertising from the Whitmer campaign and 58% had seen digital advertising, with 14% having seen both. This allowed the campaign to then target each of those specific voters with content that they hadn’t already been exposed to, stretching ad dollars further and increasing the frequency that audiences saw new and engaging content. These tools also allow campaigns to see when and where voters are exposed to advertising from opposing efforts and serve those same audiences with messaging that rebuts the messaging they have already received.

“Modern political and advocacy campaigns know that audiences aren’t static, and they don’t exist in silos. The same person can be anywhere and everywhere: watching cable news, catching up on streaming shows, scrolling on social media, checking for updates on a local news website,” said GMMB Managing Director and SVP Pedro Suarez. “GMMB’s data-driven approach reflects this reality, and our new tools will allow clients to create efficiencies, compare real-time metrics across multiple platforms, and optimize buys while they’re live.” 

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